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The Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov (Full Version) Dramatized Science Fiction, SF Radio Show

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burnsloads They kind of mess up the story.

magnetothewhite "Do smoke if you wish." Nice to know that if I somehow end up in the 140th century I can still get a pack of smokes.

Raccoon Tales Some of my favouritest sci-fi as a kid. That's how you build a universe, peoples. . .

stupidiots kids Isaac asimov is a good man my dad would talk with him almost every day

dtanktdtank Good

wiisalute I just started this series recently and I'm on the first book. correct me if I'm wrong but I assume Terminus is a poor struggling planet with its lack of metals. Anacreon is its rivalry. They also want to attack the Foundation itself. is the foundation 4 kingdoms?

Angel Pendragon @4:38 romantic, and, it sort of reminds me a bit of Lila and Fry with the Holophone (Futurama).

Mark Engel There is not a better science fiction saga ever written (in my opinion). I wonder if Asimov's masterpiece could ever be recreated on film and still do the saga justice. The saga is on a monumental scale, spanning the eons of a failing galactic wide human empire and a plan to lessen the fall and hasten the rebirth. I wonder how and if this tale could be realized on film without wrecking the overall story and how could it be married to Asimov's end union of "Foundation" and "Robot"? To tackle this would take a very knowledgeable and deep pocketed group of producers and backing corporations. I'd love to see it done though. So fitting that Asimov's "Foundation" is now riding on a Tesla launched by a SpaceX heavy lift rocket, the moral being "future vision".

D5quared91 Sounds like shit. The sound effects are overproduced and loud and the dialogue is muddy.

Tica Mcgarity I read the Foundation trilogy when I was a kid. It is like Plato's ideas about inspired, elite leadership got dusted off and put on a starship. Mathematical models used to predict / control the future are appealing ... but improbable. Still... it is a very good story, and worth your time, if you don't take it seriously.

Ben W Thanks for this audiobook. Amazing. Asimov is a legend

Ozan Yarman Prof. Dr. Ozan Yarman has prepared a video showing his Symphonic music titled "TRANTOR": https://youtu.be/p4tkkTymhbk

Zombiekiller1z0 28:00

Christopher Routsis Wow!What an awesome dramatization!Thanks!

Marks Madmarktigan Thank you for this, man, this is a little treasure

terry breedlove I read these books back in the 70's when I was teenager. These books alone started me out reading scfi books and more important feeding my new found hunger for astro science.

Cyber Serpents If you like science fiction novels, please check this one out: Anunnaki sci-fi fantasy story. https://youtu.be/VonBqjYQLyk

whitemannativemind People, you can't really, be serious here. Over seven and a half HOURS, of nothing but reading?! Where is the dramatization in that? I want to experience this story but I don't think I can sit through over seven hours of reading alone. Sorry. I don't think they did that even, in the days before television when radio was all they had to enjoy. My Best. Out.

Stephen Troup Free Audio Book - This is my favorite sci-fi book / trilogy of all-time. Read it first in HS back in the early 80's. While I am very grateful to you for posting, it would have been exponentially even greater if you could have inserted photo stills that matched the story as it unfolded. As this is 7 hours long, I realize that is a tall task and don't think I am not appreciative of what you have already done. It would just be visually engaging as well. Thx for posting!

Adam Welton Christ on a bike, this was the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1972. You lot have absolutely NO idea what this recording is worth as a cultural gem to we be Britons, nor can anyone of you grasp who the actors are and were to become. You wouldn't have Doctor Who, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and many many more popular films and series with top class British actors backing the rather second-rate American ones. I suggest that you all take a long hard look at the story behind this, the technicians, actors and all the incredible work that followed this allegedly "amateurish" production, now forty-five years old, that led to the sci-fi and fantasy we all know and love today.

Luke Beauchamp Damn it! I paid six bucks for this on Audible and I could have got it for free!

Dink Crandall been looking for good Syfy. Been looking for almost a year. got my tablet last year great find. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. much appreciated.

bobo jepeny trouble understanding speakers. ..is it just me?

dev57 Now that I think about it, Earthbound has some uncanny similarities to foundation.

Damain Peter Ramsajan Thanks for posting, Isaac Asimov was as much an awesome human being as he was a prolific writer and teacher.

Alan Hill Entering the "Age of Empty-Headed, Small-Handed Trump" (I wish I could say" Empty-Handed"),I hope more and more psycho-historians are being trained. Thank you, Free Audio Books.....for this posting. I hope your diligent efforts are well-rewarded.

Daniel Ryan Mmmmm, steak and potatoes...