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Alex Rottilini --> I have a question. Please reply

Luba Luba --> You can't show before and after same day anyway can't find your after

Lina Thompson --> Absolutely loved this review; it was very helpful. I bought this product after you posted this video and it's working really well!! I notice a huge difference so thank you & keep it up!

David Abraham --> Hi carly, would you be interested in doing a product review for us?

ThatBigBlackBoy --> Ur voice starts to get annoying after 3mininutes in. U extend the words too much e.g 4:32 " after one usseeeeee"

Fadzli Realtor --> Your teeth is already pretty white. You haven't posted an update of your teeth. Your hair style is really nice. Your eyebrows flows nicely with your hair ;)

Bryon J. --> She's beautiful

Kamaal Sherrod --> 😍😍😍

yanpor goNepal --> can you please help me how to buy charcoal in Germany give me the information about

J Incredible --> So i just got this product how long until i see better results??? someone please answer

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