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ckraftmaker --> Please stop using activated charcoal powder to whiten your teeth. The potential risks outweigh the benefits. The problem is that pure activated charcoal powder is a harsh abrasive on its own, which means you could damage the tooth enamel. Along with potentially damaging the enamel of your teeth, another side effect of using activated charcoal powder alone is that you could possibly stain your gums black. Think about it. If you use activated charcoal powder as a toothpaste twice a day, that dark pigment is going to gradually build into your gums. Instead of whitening your teeth for a healthy looking smile, you could be accomplishing the complete opposite with tattooed gums. Read through this website completely to learn more about why you should use activated charcoal powder to whiten your teeth: https://www.drlinger.com/blog/whiten-your-teeth

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Orlando Ellis --> Thanks for your tip. I would like to give you a tip also: consider getting rid of fluoride in all your dental hygiene and other products.

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