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Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Whitening - A natural black toothpaste for teeth whitening
Advanced Formula - Whitens teeth, prevents bad breath, and removes impurities
Natural Ingredients - Derived from natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals
Made in the USA - Manufactured and shipped from the United States

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Kelly Jordan
Kelly jordan permanent makeup esthetics teeth whitening services
Kelly Jordan Permanent Makeup Esthetics Teeth Whitening Services
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The Photo Booth Chick --> WOW!  So many good and bad reviews about this product.  I guess we have to try it for ourselves.  So disappointed with the mixed reviews.

Beth Greer --> Just saw an ad for this so I tried seeing if it worked.

Bart Diaz --> The comparative of bright is made by adding er. Ex. Bright+er=brighter no need to say more along with adding the er. So more bitghter is wrong. I guess you were sick on that day in ESL class.

Sudarat Saelim --> thanks for review

Rosoro 1980 --> Today I just started to use active wow. But before I started using active wow I would use baking soda & a cup of water to brush my teeth. I don't know how long it will take for me to see results but I use the entire bottle & in hope that my teeth are nitickebky whiter

Knife Nut --> This looks decent to most people. But to the people with more of a trained eye can see the 2 side by side pics have different lighting or something. His skin tone is different between the 2 pictures. He probably is getting kickbacks from the company.

Elisa Mastromarino --> 🤣🤣🤣 You're a riot!

Bobby Gorgeous --> Loool! Cute though!!!

YoBoiiCesxr _ --> Your laugh is the cutest god 😭😭😭

1223wonder --> Tumeric is really messy but it really works.

1223wonder --> Try brushing with tumeric powder It works wonders.

It's Taz --> Love it it really look nice , I used the crest whiting strips but this is really not bad ❤️❤️❤️

Roland Dawson --> You’re alive. 🎉

Hector Hernandez --> I loved when yu laughing

Dominican Kandie --> Thank you for sharing your experience. I may give it a try myself 😊

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