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The Red Box is an expansion to Cards Against Humanity.
Comes with 300 fresh cards to mix into your game (230 white and 70 black).
Contains the same cards that used to be in the First, Second, and Third Expansions.
Transforms your deck of Cards Against Humanity into a better bludgeoning weapon against home invaders.

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Gabriel Hernandez --> Did anyone else laugh in the beginning of the video? Cause I just did XD

Thomas Kingsman --> Mini looks like a tomato

Shannon Sweetman --> Hahahaha

gaming beaver --> why can't we be friends why can't we be friends

Emma Schran --> i got the vine reference lmaooo

The Sandwich Man --> Says he’ll leave times in the description, leaves 0 times besides the date

R S Malone --> You made Mochi the cloud God/Dog adorable as hell. It makes me feel better. Rest in peace Mochi the adorable son of a bitch ( I mean it in a good way )

HoodieNinja 16 --> Mini is the God Of MEMEs.

Qryshaun Jordan --> Y'all had lost me at saying j Cole slaw

Gridzbi Spudvetch --> ...What do you mean "what happened to Mochi?" What happened to Mochi? I am sad and scared

Jemnha --> Kryoz thinks j cole is trash but likes bbno$

Daniel Aaa --> Bro thers 500 but 4.7 million of us lol

Maeve/Raeve --> Added lmao (new cards daily)...sounds like another Ali a video to me

Where's Claire? --> I love all your content mini, but cards is definitely my favorite

4 0 --> No matter what, Mini always knows how to relax me and get my mind out of my situation. Especially the one right now. Always reminding us that he’s here for us. Love you Mini, much respect for you and what you do.

FlixX Wolf --> Just bought $70 worth of cards on amazon x3 has 3 box sets with like 1500 cards or something. Can't wait to get drunk and play this work a group of friends

Robby Pipkin --> Annnd unsubscribing from kyroz, J cole is a really good artist, wtf dude

im a mexicant --> Are you fuckin me in the ass you faggot

Good Vibes tv --> wow

Deadpork retard --> mini merch is my fav way to achev an orgasm

Raizwe StormCraft --> Love your videos they really help me when I have breaks at work to keep moving and laugh when I am in pain. Thank you for what you do. RIP MOOCHI I think that is how you spell his name. Love you all.

Ryan Wilson --> don't worry i got your meme mini

Kapakola --> I got the vine

lilCipher doritos --> Wow you made an avengers looking poster

Avery King --> What makes that one answer worse is that you don't even know what a leper is 😂😂

The Void Looks Pretty --> The conversation about Paula Deen why I love this series. It’s so awkward, but it shows that they’re bros. It doesn’t make me laugh so much as feel wholesome. And then I pay attention to what they’re actually saying.

Marco Armenta --> Why does jiggly sound like a chicken


Theoneandonly Savage --> For those of you that don’t know the tsar bomba is the most powerful bomb on the planet. Owned by the Russians

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