Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

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  • Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

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Designed to be a practical, easy-to-use, and inexpensive way to quickly clean ears
Widely used in doctor offices, medical clinics, and hospitals
Dr. Easy Elephant Ear Wash System is easy to use at home
Includes 1-Elephant Ear Wash bottle and 3-Disposable tips

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Shanktuary --> Hey guys I just uploaded a quick 3 step process that we use on our kids when they have ear problems. Different situation calls for different action. You can watch it here. https://youtu.be/Bmv0e3MIg8c This video also includes using the EAR Washer above and now use glycerin. Watch.

Savannah F --> Does it help to use debrox for a few days first?

Laurie pouliot --> Good video , but at the beginning, you said its good for kids with small ear canals or tubes. Tubes can't get wet.

Bryan Ladd --> Just make sure there is no perforation in the eardrum.

Bryan Ladd --> Use warmer water

dhunsaker26 --> They used it on me at dr office too. It worked and was pretty gross to see what all came out.

ms. hamster --> I need that 😧

John Williams --> It's really not good to use this just to remove the ear wax for the sake of removing it. Ear wax, although it's gross, actually does serve purposes. I could see using it if you're having ear problems though.

PJ Q --> I got mine from www.walmart.com for $28.50 if you’re looking. It was more everywhere else I checked. It didn’t come with the cup catching the fluid but you can use anything

Nic B --> I want to add that professionals do not recommend cleaning your ears like this on a regular basis. If you know there is excess wax or a blockage causing pain or hearing loss then it is recommended that you remove it safely. It is not best practice for everyone to do this.

DutchApples --> Thanks, much better than the terrible "tutorial" video on the company's page.

Khalid Aljuhani --> Will it work without alcohol?

Tank Girl --> Thank you for this awesome review! It really helped to ease my kids’ minds before we use it on them. I just ordered mine a few minutes ago, because both of my kids get pretty waxy; and I’m really hoping it will help with this ridiculous ringing I’ve had for a year or so (I wear hearing aids to mellow that out, but it’s getting worse). But I’m excited to try this out!

Kevin Fogarty --> This is a really good and informative video. You did it well. One little suggestion and apologies if this has already been brought up: Clean the tip between each ear. If there is an infection or bacteria in one ear, you might take it over to the other ear through an infected tip.

josiff explosiff --> The only problem I have with this is I hate getting water or anything in my ears how in the world can this be comfortable?

Alberto Perez --> very good clear and perfect ingles.Congratulation Sr.

Jed Teng --> Its so expensive in our country,do you think I make a diy version of it,I think its just same bottle as ordinary spray bottle

Taz Street --> Just got it! thanks so much! I really need it

hippo potamus --> Great video mate, very helpful. -Cheers

Bryant Leonardo --> Do I have to buy the hydrogen peroxide separately?

HOI HOI ITS YA GOI --> Does it hurt?

MrAitraining --> Heard about this. Ordered it and it's getting to me today.

Evan Craig --> That's 40 buck when I could probably make one, great vid but I think that price is a lil high, I can make that little bucket to

Mimi Ybanez-Vannuki --> Thanks so much for generously posting this video....what seemed would be painful is clearly painless and easy.

Omar Mercado --> I need to get this

Maverick --> nothing comes out of my ear

Buck --> 100£ In the uk :I


heber mendoza --> I wish I could find an elephant ear washer in Mexico, but the big shops owners don´t even have idea of what it is.

Imtiaz Mohammed --> Hey thanks a ton for this video and link. could you also post the link for hydrogen peroxide

BLOOD RAIN --> ive been in horrible pain for 5-6 weeks now with a compacted ear..went to ER lastnight and they dug @ with a sharp pic... then told me to go see a ear nose and throat dr.... well without insurance I cant afford it.. after digging @ online I found your video, I will be ordering this washer system.. but at the moment I had a idea I used one of those suction things like you clean a babys nose with,... filled it with warm water and BAM!!!! I can hear!!!! pain is soooo much better!! it worked so well  I did the other ear just because, thank you for putting this vid out there

cmackattack --> Thanks for the great video!

imin pain --> nice vid. subbed

AnTione Tha Don --> I have abnormal curves in my ear so ear wax builds up alot in mine and I have been having an moderate ear issue for the past 3-4months so i bought this and just use it last night and its like my ear took a dump, I would have to use it more than normal beacuse abnormal ear canal, it was very bad so i hella highly recommended this...

Judy Fritz --> Very helpful! Exactly what was used on me at the doctor's office but I couldn't read the bottle fast enough because of dizziness which is normal when there is a lot of ear wax removed. THANK YOU!!

Shanktuary --> Sure. Hopefully Its helpful.

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