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Cool and comfortable. Contour fit.
Flex hem won't unravel
Tag free for all-day comfort

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Journey Waitz --> could you do a cat charm if you have not done one already?

Sara Gillott --> Make a field hockey stick charm

Mama Dante --> Cute

Rose Hodge --> Mine looked so ugly :(

Bron Wyn --> HIIIIIIIIIII Love your vids can you plz make animal heads like bunny or dog ect. THX BYE

Mahreen Taj --> Wow that was a scam , mine looks like a eggplant

Zoe Aitchison --> Wearing a loom pineapple on my loom choker right now

SuperSassySienna #1 --> SLOW DOWN!! YOU GO WAY TO FAST.!!!💔💔💔

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Mardhiyah Adekunle --> How do you make the rubber bands

Fluffis Fluffison --> love you.

Nijaman Landhim --> carrot Pls I love u

Exotic Care --> Can you please make a coconut Please

Aimee Turner --> I liked the pineapple charm, its my favorite, especially since I have a lot of yellow bands. (its technically later in the series of fruit, but its still my fav)

areeba fatima --> love it

coolyawesome avb --> OMG ur a life saver i needed a grap for a school Project i have to turn in this tusday in 3 days

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