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Find out who your friends are - Hear the stories they were hoping everyone forgot
Discover who knows you best - All players answer pretending to be you when you're in the Hot Seat
Play again and again - Answers change depending on the friends you're playing with
200 Questions | 4 - 10+ Players | Ages 17+
Not recommended for play with Catholic Priests and others who have something to hide.

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Skylar Rose --> 12:16 shopper

phodder --> This is easily one of my favorite episodes.

Name of the Rose --> Would you rather sleep than eat after 20 hours of sleep?

Jane Timm Baxter --> I loved this episode, as always, but my favorite part was "The Aggressive Hand Jive"... mainly because I know the hand jive.

Freddy Thornton --> best "i am a shopper" of all time

Freddy Thornton --> matt definitely wrote "RAPS"

Ríkharður Þórhallsson --> okay but what korn song

turd ferguson --> Wait so what's up with jainsville?

WARLOKLIGHTNIN --> 11:14, severe pit sweat haha

Jorge Sanchez --> Was the "Who sucked out the feeling" line a reference to Superdrag's Sucked Out?

STUDIO V PHOTOGRAPHY --> Awesome video. I'm thinking of picking up the game.

24h Nilson --> 13.52.. xDD best ever

Daniel Byrd --> On a site where nothing is average, this is the most normal video that has ever existed with the most averagely forgettable people I've spent any time watching. Take that however you want.

J. Badger --> Craig looks like Dean Martin, George Clooney and Cary Grant all mixed inside a blender.

Moisan4 --> This video really shows a great comparison between the quality of your old cameras and your new ones. Like going from SD to HD.

here2watch08 --> He was so unassuming and then all of a sudden, KORN WHISKEY! lmao

Nick DeAngelo --> Second viewing, and I just noticed Craig's Death Records shirt.

Jim R. Didriksen --> 6:20 Journey of the Sorcerer... that is all.

ileaverealitybehind --> Man, watching the footage from The Voting Game, I'm so amazed by and happy for all the progress this show has made. I love this channel so much and am so excited to see how it will grow in the coming years. Keep being funny, you rad dudes.

O.K. --> Brandon is fucking HOT!

ShaneyPo0 --> I lost my shit at Korn whiskey... xD

Conner K Ward --> This game is great!

Mykee Morettini --> Where did Aaron's "I Am A Shopper" song originate from? I love it when they break into that.

Daniel Albernaz --> I miss when Craig looked like the personification of 1994.

ProfitOfDoom420 --> Craig Jerk'em Off Johnson!

Tommy PiQue --> Aggressive hand jive is my next album.

MalikaiDragonSlayer --> Also Aaron knew he wanted to say he found giant dicks in aisle six

imaginaryobserver --> I was literally wearing a "dawgs" shirt while watching this. Kinda freaked me out a little. But then, I get a little freaked out every time I watch this show....

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