Levi's Men's 513 Stretch Slim Straight Jean, Quincy, 32x32

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  • Levi's Men's 513 Stretch Slim Straight Jean, Quincy, 32x32

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Five-pocket jean in slim-straight silhouette featuring five-pocket styling and arcuate stitching at back pockets
Zip fly with button
Quincy: 100% cotton
Bellingham: 98.83% cotton/1.17% elastane
Bastion: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Levine: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Cash: 98% cotton/2% elastane
True chino - bull denim: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Monogray - bull denim: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Jet- bull denim: 98% cotton2%elastane
Atom: 99% cotton/1% elastane
White - bull denim: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Blue stone: 99% cotton/1% elastane
Pepper pot: 59.23% cotton/39.06% polyester/1.71% elastane
Bowman lake: 60% cotton/40% polyester
Mad river: 100% cotton
Caraway - Bull denim: 98% cotton/2% elastane
California everlasting: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Brickle Bush: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Bishop: 99% cotton/1% elastane
Herbaceous: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Copen blue - bull denim: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Tattler: 98% cotton/2% elastane
Meadow moss - bull denim:98% cotton/2% elastane
Merlot - bull denim:98% cotton/2% elastane
Ice cap: 100% cotton
Sequoia: 99% cotton/1% elastane

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Jed Teng --> I just searched this because im shopping in uniqlo ,and most items are asian cut,Im asian so tried there,and then the jeans they are selling is slim fit straight jeans or skinny fit tapered,and their style or fit is catered to asians,so I decided to try their jeans,since im asian and their style is for asian,im not used to this style its something new for me ,one thing ive noticed my shoes popped out more and its hugging my legs more,I just dont know If I look normal with it...🙄

Bobby Bish --> thats not skinny or slim lol

Graham Langley --> I think skinny jeans on guys best only on even body proportions between upper and lower body. If have bigger upper body than legs they will make legs look even skinnier. If legs bigger more muscly than upper body they will make them look even bigger. They exagerate uneven proportions. If blessed with an even upper and lower body they suit well. Possible option for guys with bigger upper body than legs would be to cuff the skinny jeans to widen ankles. Slim fit always much safer option and flatters more body shapes. Upto individuals personal opinions likes anyway just my two cents worth.

I make prank calls to radio programs. Play them on my page! --> Wait a second...your point is understood that skinny jeans are different...but...there all skinny.....thats the point from those who disagree is that there all skinny then

Atom M --> I have chicken legs though, the struggle. 5'8 at 138lbs

Mike Spivak --> Great video, Brock! I couldn't agree more with everything you said. Labels mean nothing--it's how a pair of jeans fits you that matters most. I have had the best luck with Old Navy skinny built-in flex jeans. These are 99% cotton and 1% spandex. They're called skinny, but they're really more of a slim fit that sits on the waist with a medium rise. The legs are tapered down to the ankles with a narrower opening than traditional slim fits. It's a good choice for guys who are slim but not too skinny (that is, normal/average weight for their height with thinner legs like me) and who want jeans that are not baggy at all. They are comfortable, inexpensive, and very durable.

Blauwkousje --> Excellent video! Also, as a young woman those 'skinny' jeans you showed don't look like skinny jeans at all to me. Only the ASOS ones I would consider to be skinny. :)

Aftab Ahmed --> very helpful video. Can't believe I found your channel so late.

Dev9172 --> I am 59 . I wear Levi skinny jeans . They fit just right . I love the cut . Remember it's the fit . I take mine in to get taken up to a quarter break .

Diego Magana --> Levi's 511 are the universal jeans for anyone really. Just right.

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