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IBM DataPower Online Training | Datapower Development

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IBM DataPower Online Training | Datapower Development

All DataPower Appliances are built on IBM's XSeries 1U Chassis, which include hot-swappable Power, Disks, and Fans. DataPower Appliances contain many specialized hardware components, including ASIC-based IPS, Custom Encrypted RAID Drives, and Hardware Security Modules. Externally facing, all DataPower Appliances have 4 Ethernet ports and 1 Serial port.
DataPower Appliances operate a single digitally signed Firmware containing an operating system and application stack. DataPower's firmware runs on a flash storage device.
DataPower firmware is a well performing and highly optimized platform to perform electronic messaging functions. As a result, users cannot run 3rd party applications on DataPower as they would a traditional server and operating system.
Instead of a traditional Filesystem, DataPower runs with a collection of isolated virtual File Systems called 'Application Domains'. As a result, DataPower can appear to its client connections be any type of network file system with any type of folders and links.
IBM WebSphere DataPower: SOA Appliances is a family of pre-built, pre-configured rack-mountable network devices (XML appliances) that can help accelerate XML and Web Services deployments while extending SOA infrastructure. Originally these devices were created by DataPower Technology Inc., which was acquired by IBM in October 2005.
This WebSphere family consists of rack-mountable network appliances, blade appliances, appliances that rack inside a z/OS mainframe, and virtual appliances.
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