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Twin Toys Reveals ALL NEW 2018 Nerf Guns

Top nerf guns Video

Lala paluzza I hope you had a great time at Pawtucket!

Bethany Palmateer Cool man 😘

Evangelista Yesenia Castillo That is a nice video lol

brown ssw military Any one watching it on Father's Day weekend

TheGuyYouKnow 57 Spoild brats

Novita Sitompul that blaster is SIKKKKK!!!!

CaliToys Funny Video👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

Marcus Barnett Where is haspro

Gavin Bellizzi Hi love your vifs

setiasonali Where do you live

lyle laverty So cool 😎

lyle laverty You’re awesome 😎

x ray The gun is bigger than your baby

Harivony Scheyer "Takes out rival minigun" YIU R DED

setiasonali Cool

Joonas 2009 I want all of them

Reaz Ahmed Cool and l subscribe

Claire Hebert We're is that place

Ben Waller It would be so cool if they made the ray gun from call of duty as a nerf rival

Mikuláš Már Hello twin toys I like nerfs and btw I like your videos. Your videos Is very good, but why Is not more nerf wars.😔

Chaos banane Son of a bitch

sheamac 78 Hazbro and priest

Steven Fung Dab on them haters

Geronimo Stilton Sweet Rival

Barbara Leeson You wer lucky can i have a free nerf gun

Darryl Moment I love your channel is the best👊👍😂👋

SubhanGamerPro 2 Awsome

ane45 ane46 Yeea

Lisa Butterworth Cool

Lisa Butterworth Coll

wied eyed TROOPER Is the first one for sale

Paul Iscool Can’t wait for the chronobarrel oh ya and the rest of the blasters

Oskosees Osmosees It so nice

Brayden Chapman Guns are you going to shoot it