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Service now xperts| Servicenow training online

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Service now xperts| Servicenow training online

What Is ServiceNow??
This opening ServiceNow tutorial picks out the most significant foundations of ServiceNow, starting from the bottom up. Understanding the fundamentals of the ServiceNow platform is important. It gives insight into the concepts that underpin how everything else works.
ServiceNow Infrastructure
An instance is several things. It is a URL (something like https://.service-now.com/); it’s software running in the cloud; it’s your copy of the ServiceNow platform.
ServiceNow provides a platform and suite of applications as a service. They worry about the hardware, Internet connectivity, and operating system security and provide you with the URL. All you need to get going is a web browser.
An instance is an independent implementation of ServiceNow. It is isolated and autonomous, meaning your instance is not shared with other customers. ServiceNow uses a single-tenancy architecture, which means your instance is yours: you can do what you want with it, such as changing logic, updating the UI, and adding fields.
ServiceNow Plugins
All ServiceNow functionalities are delivered as plugins. When an instance is turned on, one of its first tasks is to load all the plugins that are turned on out of the box. There are quite a few of those, over 200 in the Eureka version of ServiceNow. And there are several hundred more that you can turn on if you want. A plugin may provide an app, like Human Resources Management, or provide new platform functionality, like Domain Separation. Each new version of ServiceNow brings new plugins and updates to existing ones.
Application Development: Quickly build, test and publish applications that can span from a single department to your entire enterprise. As little to no coding is required, almost anyone can build business applications for every line of business.
Field Service Management: Replace spreadsheets, email and other management tools with a single system.
Finance Service Management: Efficiently fulfill submitted requests including financial reports, procurement, and payroll issues; gain visibility into work requests and trends over time.
HR Service Management: Create a system of engagement that works in tandem with existing applications for core HR, talent, and workforce management.
IT Service Management: Consolidate and automate service management processes, increase efficiency, lower costs—and devote more time to creating the consumer‑like self‑service experience that users expect.
Security Operations: Systematically manage security incidents, prioritize vulnerabilities, visualize the effectiveness of security investments, and adapt to changing conditions.
For Free Demo Please Contact:
USA: +1- 201 378 0518,
INDIA: +91 9246333245
Email: info@mindmajix.com
Url: https://mindmajix.com/servicenow-training
Website: https://mindmajix.com/

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