L'Ambulance 13 T08

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  • L'Ambulance 13 T08

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Studio Phantom --> Thanks for sharing this excellent oldie, but goodie movie! I have been hunting for classic 90s films that YouTube has, which are interesting enough to watch. I probably saw this when I was younger, but it really hit the spot tonight. Finding something decent to watch is difficult, but I recommend this movie to anyone searching like me. There are a bunch of stars I did not expect to see, so be prepared for a crazy story with great actors. 👍✊👏🏆💯🔥🌟

jo egleton --> Just watched this movie again so I can drool over Eric Roberts --- hubby would divorce me if he knew - ha ha

503 503 --> WHy didnt that fuckhead just get off the damn phone you told the cop where you were just hang up fucktard. Noooo, not the birdman.

billie sanders --> Eric Roberts, is awesome actor, love him

Skygazer --> really good film. thanks for uploading

Uncel Jo --> 90s movies better then are movies now

Rachel Ann --> i tried. I really did. Just NO.

George Sciblo Jr --> Jones is just plain disturbing in this movie. What the hell is he doing

jamesaaa78 --> damn Eric, that mullet could have starred in this film on its own....

Adam Watson --> I love Larry Cohen's style, no one made movies like he did.

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