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Here's Why the Bentley Mulsanne Is Worth $375,000

mulsanne Vidéo

BlairBear The Phantom seems much nicer. Also why does every nice luxury car have cig lighters and ash trays? For cigars?

Nikhil Miko This is nothing compared to the Phantom but it's similarly priced. It's a such a disappointment that you don't compare the two. You obviously gush over this car and because you never compare it with the the Rolls, you just come off as a sellout.

slim Doc's A condo on wheels

Cosmic Shadow24 Ugly and bulky, I can see how an old man would like this car tho

David Ogden I bet owners call you only to understand what they really have. Your the GOAT of Car reviewers!

Jitendra Patel Its such a stupidity to invest such big amount in cars

Mister Alien Doug is the type of guy to pretend he’s not gay😂

Sokhun Kau nice car man

EvMan 0509 8:22 look in bottom right

David Martinez Like a little kid rough on everything, smart ass, cant belive people actually trust with their vehicles

vkt I would not trade a full option S500 for this... not worth the money

ClynthSync Maybach is still better

Adam Kateley I think Bentley has a better car than rolls Royce bc so far I’ve seen more features and comfortably than a rolls so I’d buy the Bentley over the rolls

Click Mmm leather on leather action

Mejah Rockkk

Nicholas Artuso This guy is going to be a meme landmark in 2019

Alfairuz 12345 8:21 look at dat face on the right

waspazian too bad it has no roof rack for my ladders and that s a dealbreaker sorry

Blackdarkdarker bleach The speed bumps in India are fucking huge. Even my G-Class gets hit on some of the really large ones.

Mr. INTR0VERTioN Nice car annoying voice.. sht

syncopat1337 so a picnic table in a car is worth 300k. man for that money you can buy 3 amazing camping cars with fking luxury bathtub in them

T k this is a beauty, unlike the horrible bentyaga

hans231 hanshunter50 0mg i may as well just customise my van into a luxury first class van for 40k $

Kevin Flores I can't stand him for some reason lol

Kevin Cheng Absolutely stunning!

docrw Love the white on white, it's so rare these days!!!

فيصل محمد آل الشيخ The cup holder look like a cup

Samrat Basu Not the best review

Kar dash I love the Bently mullsane with Rolls Royce headlights.

Jimmy Thomas OMG why are you alway impressed by the little sunshade for the little window! you make it seem special but you've filled so many cars with it

Aqiyl Haque is it just me that finds his voice annoying?

Katya Dunn The picnic tables are worth a 1998 corolla.

Shubham Bhosle The best automotive knowledgeable person In the world....

〽كنقق يــام Next gen their will be a toilet inside the car 😂

LuckyGamer1378 8:19 Look at dougs face on the right lol

Justin & Jake Amg s65 cost 360. 000euros

oops memes have short lifespans Old English White is actually a historical white dating back to the 1940's #TheMoreYouKnow🤣