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Fast 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek 6735 ARM Cortex processor with 16 GB Internal memory, 2 GB RAM and supports 2.4GHz wifi band
Enjoy the best of Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow, including Google Maps, Gmail, Play Store, and more
Dual SIM and MicroSD support for up to 64 GB of expandable storage
Stunning 5-Inch HD display with curved Gorilla Glass 3 protection, plus an 8 MP main camera and 5 MP selfie camera that includes a front-facing LED flash
4G LTE plus GSM unlocked for your favorite compatible carrier or for international travel (including AT&T, T-Mobile; not compatible with Verizon or Sprint)

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Adam Amberlynn
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PhoneDog --> Reminder: The $50-off sale starts tomorrow and will last for only 24 hours. Here's the Amazon link if you're interested: http://amzn.to/2oCKrDv

C-64 --> 00:44

mirian aquino --> when you realize that Benedict Cumberbatch is making this review 3:46 xD

DecodedPie --> watching this on my r1 plus ;)

Winnifer Garillo --> My sister has one and its pretty decent...

Chad Hansen --> This is a great deal definitely buying for my 2 phone soon

Jake Rios --> Which is better blu r1 hd or blu vivo 5

Kylixion _ --> Lol, you look like Dr. Strange

Oscar Ramirez --> Does the phone have the wireless display function?

TheMsdos25 --> I don't get the point of buying this phone when the blu studio max has similar specs and there same battery capacity with a full HD screen.

Mike Crabtree --> Having the phone, I can tell you only half of the things he points out as bad, either don't exist or aren't a issue. The edges aren't big, it's a entry level phone so yes you idiot it is going to take longer than a flagship phone. The speaker is not bad for a entry level phone. I get so sick of people comparing any device to any other device that cost two to three times it's cost, and has two to three times the speed, ram, processor, hard drive and other hardware that doesn't even exist on the reviewed device. Get your heads out of your backsides. Review the product, what ever it might be for what IT is, for ITS merits, for what it can do. Let the customers know what it does and what it's best at. Detractors last and be honest. I own this phone and the volume and speaker quality on my phone are as good at the very least as my nexus 6 and! My Galaxy S7edge. Just because you pay more for a phone or any device does not make it better. I have many, and I do mean many, phones. And the best quality for my dollar, almost exclusively goes to BLU. After that is Motorola. Haven't bought a Moto phone since I found BLU. They have many....a great many phones that aren't worth the time of day. BUT!!! They have several, low cost hi value phones that are very very good. This R1Plus, the HD is good, the Energy XL, the Pure XR, the Pure XL is ok, but the battery life just doesn't hold out. Otherwise it is a good phone. Mostly I watch these videos to see how disingenuous or dishonest the reviewers are. And so sadly, there are a great many.

Mike Crabtree --> Nice. A fair review. I have this 32/3 phone and got about 3 days on the first charge. I am not a heavy user though. The only other phone I can get that kind of time out of is the BLU energy XL, which was supposed to get a 6.0 update as stated by BLU, and they dropped that update. I will be very surprised if this device gets 7.0 regardless of BLU saying it is almost ready. For me, this phone is very nice and well worth the price. Also mentioned was the Life MAX, I have this phone as well, and for 110.00 it is a steal.

Angry Mango --> Phonedog I'm debating between the R1 PLUS AND the Vivo XL2 why would I choose one over the other Also would either be an upgrade over my lumia 640?

Mike Crabtree --> People with small minds and large egos say via. Lost me at that. It's like saying chamfered. The average Jo has no clue what a chamfer is, but for these phone tards it sounds smart. Just say bevel. The average Jo know what a bevel is. I kept hearing chamfered in these retarded reviews and had to look it up. People want simple, easy to understand information about these devices, they don't care to hear you thinking you sound smart by using big words.

Von Allan --> android/trojan.fadeb.j/system/app/opera browser.armv7 stub/opera browser.armv/7stb.apk


Von Allan --> WARNING! PRE-LOADED WITH TROJAN!!!!! android/trojan.fadeb.j/system/app/opera browser.armv7 stub/opera browser.armv/7stb.apk

carlos aleman --> which RECOMMEND, this one or blu one x2. please hep me

Nick strachkevitch --> Do not buy this phone!!!, I purchased it on release day for $50 off and it was not worth that price. They advertise aluminum construction, it's not, it's all plastic..the touch screen has broken multi touch making games and Google maps unusable, pinch to zoom glitches like crazy. The firmware was developed on 11/16 how is that if it was just released?? outdated security patches!! virus scan shows it is infected like previous Blu phones...how can they put out a phone​ like this, they will tell you an update will be coming soon, they have said that about every phone but rarely deliver, if you want this phone wait till an update is released prior to purchasing otherwise you will be greatly disappointed,. I will be sending mine back asap...

William Parker-Rivera --> looks like a Blu life one x 2

smotheredmate1 --> You said that the back cover is aluminum. Are you you sure it's not plastic? I just received my phone now and it feels very plasticky.

Derek H --> The processor is dog shit well Blu is dog shit so it doesn't matter what they put in a phone it would still be dog shit😀

Uncle-Gamer Martinx --> Nice!!!

Rafi Lake --> Think I'ma get this device as a back up.

Dwight Goliday Jr --> just ordered one today! can't wait to unbox it and review it

Lindsey Crawley --> can anyone confirm whether this phone includes portuguese as a language display option, or not? thanks...

carlos aleman --> excellent video, whats de different between this and the vivo xl2? what recommend?

Yo-yo --> I'd probably grab one if it had Amazon ads on it for $80. But no more than that. It's definitely not going to get Nougat.

Chris Hightower --> Don't count on the update. BLU always promises updates but very VERY rarely delivers.

david soto --> Blu phone with an update? that sounds way to good to be true

Michael Alvarez --> Love how you guys review inexpensive phones that other tech channels (sometimes) ignore. And I agree with you, The R1 does seem like a great choice for someone looking for a cheap yet capable phone. Keep up the great work guys!

Syed Abuthahir --> I never knew that insta pics can zoom in, thanks for doin that 👍

samster779 --> Awesome video as always Phonedog. You guys consistently produce great content that never gets stale. The camerawork in this video, for example, is awesome. keep up the great work!

Swaggy Cat Gamer Gaming --> 0:46 DONT REMOVE!!! Not if your JerryRigEverything

kbizz75 --> be cool if the speaker was at the bottom or front

photolabguy --> He always says that updates are coming soon for all these Blu phones that are reviewed. Do these updates even happen?

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