Levi's Boys' 511 Slim Fit Jeans, Vintage Falls, 16

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  • Levi's Boys' 511 Slim Fit Jeans, Vintage Falls, 16


买便宜的Levi's Boys' 511 Slim Fit Jeans, Vintage Falls, 16

Arcuate stitch on rear spade pocket
Slim fit ("Slim" is the style "Regular/Husky" is the size)
5-pocket design
Button fly and zip closure

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Shamus Murphy --> I wish I was able to wear tapered jeans

Nico Herrera --> Cool video bruh, new subscriber

Cody Harris --> I’m 6’1 or 6’2. What jean length should I buy?

Pece17 --> Just got my first Levi's pair, 512 are great!

Wibam Nk --> black is still pretty good 2k18

King Ace Hernandez --> My favorites would be black dark hollow and the beige denim

Thunder1212 --> You're real cute bro. Nice broey look about you. Would love to just come over and chill with you.

Georgia Boi Gaming --> 512 is really the 508 jeans.

Jay Bee --> h

timotheus nakashona --> This is exactly why Levi's is king.

Jose G --> I was excited to get these in the mail but I just tried them on and they feel a little tight around my calves. But I love the taper lol any other jeans I recommend? I currently wear the 505s 32,30. They fit nice but it’s not the taper I’d like UPDATE: bought a pair of 502s and they fit perfect, if your a little bigger body type try the 502s

Sushil Bikram --> Black

Zahra Oberoi --> By the way grey one goooood

Zahra Oberoi --> Your butt looks.weird😂😂

Prince Pouncer --> Too bad that it's a polyester / cotton blend... Real jeans are 100% cotton.

Frump Frumperson --> I just bought a pair of these and they fit really nice

Роман Зайцев --> Флек$$

xXKILLERGHOSTzz --> How tall are you and how much do you weight, just trying to figure out which size I should get

3cn3pS --> Tried these and they just fit me like skinny jeans would with more thigh room. I also have slim legs so skinny isn’t the best look for me. Guys with normal to muscular legs sure. Had to go with 511.

ProjectCookie ' --> I wear super skinny jeans from American eagle and Hollister but they are not spray on plus I'm skinny

APLUS THEGREAT --> I wear 511 line 8 jeans and regular Levi’s 511 but never tried 512s. I normally wear a 36x30. Should I go up a size or stick to true to size based on your opinion after how they fit after a couple wears and in general.

Mighty Max --> Thats what im thinking, if ur thin then slim is okay, but if its not then ur buttcrack. Im 33×30 514 straight and 527 slimbootcut are the best good looking pants with your levis jean jackets.

Horumarka Dalka --> 512 slim taper fit 😎

Joshua Blanchard --> haha we’re the same size

HAWG! --> I just can't get it.. dudes want slim fit jeans..

Andrew Spillan --> I literally can't thank you enough. Me and you wear the same size and saved me. I have bigger thighs and small calfs ty so much bro

Pico --> I️ dig Black denim. They make any lighter colored shoe pop more because of the contrast, and they’d pair great with a leather jacket. 👍

Bryan Solana --> You really bought the best color i've really like bro 👍👍😎

Raed Mohd --> LoL I have all same

CoreyDM --> man im 40/30 type guy could i go with levi 511 slim fit? or should i go with 514? i want somthing thats not real baggy around my ankles.

Alex Lacayo --> Do these bleed on sneakers?

venture7o7 --> How's the fit after owning these for 9+ months, did they get a little looser, or maintain its size? I'm a 33 waist 30 length, with a similar build to you. Im trying to decide if i should go one size up or stick with exact size.

Double D. --> Grey and Black look better imo. I'm not a fan of light blue faded denim I prefer dark wash instead but you're right they're all really nice! I'm wearing my 512s right now lol

Bugatti Chiron --> A don't like it :c

Brian Speth --> what shoes are those on the second pair of jeans

justin --> u look fat

Sean Red Bull --> Loving this review, i got the grey 512 pants. Could you do a comparisment between the 512 and 511 ? Thanks

Michael Mclachlan --> ur ass is fat AF

war gunman --> Hey man, what's weight and height ? and thigh size ? Thanks you for the video :)

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